Portugal or Turkey? Which European City Should You Visit?

The world is opening back up. It is finally time to take your long-awaited international travel plans out of the deep freeze. Portugal and Turkey are popular travel destinations worldwide and offer travelers a fantastic range of European culture, history, sites, and cuisine.

Whether traveling solo or with family and friends, there is plenty to see and do in each country. In this post, we have shared all the details and secret tips you need to know to help you answer an important question this year: Would you rather travel to Portugal or Turkey?

Let’s dive in!

boats on the canal in aveiro portugal

Why Decide On Portugal vs. Turkey?


Portugal is every traveler’s dream besides being one of the shortest flights you can take from North America to Europe. Situated in Southwestern Europe, it is one of the oldest countries on the continent.

It boasts over 400 miles of the Atlantic Ocean coastline with awe-inspiring beaches and some of the world’s best surfing conditions. Besides the coast, the enchanting historical vibe of Lisbon, Porto, Sintra, and Madeira will ensure you never want to leave.


Pre-pandemic, Turkey was the 6th most visited country on Earth, with over 50 million tourist arrivals. Straddling both Western Asia and Southeastern Europe, it is one of the earliest continuously inhabited areas in the world.

The history and culture of the country reflect this. It has no fewer than 19 UNESCO World Heritage sites. You can spend a lifetime exploring Turkey’s cosmopolitan cities, southern beach resorts, and ancient Roman ruins.

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Entry Visa Requirements


Portugal is part of the Schengen agreement. Therefore, you do not need a visa to enter Portugal if you are a U.S. citizen. You can stay in the country for up to 90 days without a visa. Your passport must be valid for at least three months past your planned return date.


On the other hand, Turkey requires a tourist visa for American citizens. A 90-day e-visa will cost about $60 USD. Also, passports must be valid for at least six months beyond the entry date. For detailed instructions, bookmark this article from the State Department.

Travel Restrictions

Keep up to date with Portugal’s travel restrictions by visiting this page.

If you are traveling to Turkey, get up-to-date entry requirements here.

History and Facts 

If you are a history buff, Portugal and Turkey both have the potential to be your dream destination.


Turkey has a history dating back several millennia:

  • At various times, diverse peoples like the ancient Greeks, Alexander the Great, the Romans, and finally, the Turks occupied the country.
  • The country transitioned from a predominantly Christian country to a predominantly Muslim one around the 11th century.
  • In 1453, the Ottoman Empire defeated the Byzantine Emperor and expanded across large parts of Asia, Africa, and Europe.
  • The empire persisted until the Republic of Turkey was formally created in 1922.

Wherever you go in Turkey, 620 years of Ottoman Empire influence are still visible and celebrated. Some of the most well-preserved ancient Roman ruins dazzle the mind and the transition from Christianity to Islam is fascinating to trace.


  • At the time of the Ottoman Empire’s beginnings, Portugal was already on its way to becoming one of the first global empires.
  • The empire lasted over 600 years and reigned over large parts of Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Brazil.
  • Portuguese explorers like Bartolomeu Dias, Vasco De Gama, and Pedro Alvarez Cabral kicked off the Age of Discovery and brought Europeans to India, Brazil, and Africa.
  • Portugal was also the dominant sea power of Europe and often clashed with the Ottoman Empire in their quest for expansion.
  • There are over 250 million Portuguese speakers globally.

The result? A cultural bonanza of colonial architecture, magnificent monuments, and delicious food welcome you wherever you go in Portugal.

Weather in Portugal

surfers on beach in esmoriz portugal

Most of Portugal is on the Atlantic coast. The weather is moderate year-round. Though the country isn’t large, it has enough microclimate zones to match anyone’s notion of ‘ideal’ weather. Winters are usually wet and summers are dry.


In the North, Porto (Portugal’s second-largest city) experiences warm, dry summers with temperatures ranging from the 70s to mid-80s. Winter temperatures can drop down to the 30s with frequent rain from December to April.


Heading southwest towards the coast to Portugal’s capital city of Lisbon, summers can range from the low 80s to 90s with brilliant blue skies. The weather cools down to the 70s as summer draws to a close, with frequent rain. Winter nights are cold, punctuated by breezy, comfortable days.


As you travel to the famous southern region of the Algarve, get ready for summers to be hot with brilliant sunshine. Temperatures can reach upwards of 90ºF. Summer is the height of beach season, with tourists coming from all over Europe to tan on the beautiful beaches of the Algarve.

Algarve winters are cooler, with temperatures ranging from the mid-40s to 50ºF. Tourists and locals alike populate the region during this time.

Weather in Turkey

Turkey is a much larger country with climate patterns varying considerably across regions. In general, summers are hot and sunny across the board. Winter brings snow to some parts while it is comfortably in the 40s elsewhere.


Istanbul experiences hot summers in the north. Temperatures can reach 85ºF to 90ºF with some humidity and rare rainfall. In winter, temperatures can drop to 30ºF and cold winds can sting exposed skin.

West & South Coastlines

On the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts, the weather is much like the neighboring country of Greece.

Summers are hot and humid with temperatures ranging from 50ºF to 90ºF. The average summer high in Bodrum is around 85ºF.

Winter temperatures range from a low of 50ºF to 60ºF highs in February.


You will likely be inclined to go to Instagram-famous Cappadocia (Goreme), where hot air balloons take flight.

The weather in this interior part of Turkey can range from hot summers to below-freezing winters. July temperatures in Goreme range from 55ºF to 85ºF. You might reach for several layers of clothing in January, as temperatures plummet to a low of 20ºF.

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3 Cities or Regions You Must Visit in Turkey and Portugal


If you are traveling to Portugal, a stroll in Lisbon may bring you to the oldest bookstore in the world. Are you interested in history? Age of Discovery monuments, like the Belem Tower or expressive architecture like the Pena National Palace, may suit your travel interests.

Below is a list of must-visit cities and areas in Portugal.


bridge and river in porto portugal

Porto, Portugal’s second-largest city, is full of color and vibrancy.

You can easily spend a couple of days wandering around the lush gardens, medieval castles, and majestic cathedrals here. You can also quickly get to the Duoro Valley, the hometown for Port and other heavenly wines.


Portugal’s “it” summer destination is the Algarve region, with towns like Lagos and Albufeira.

Tourists flock to Lagos for the authentic charm of the old town, Baroque churches, and 18th-century architecture flanked by tons of bars and restaurants.

Albufeira’s endless golden beaches with mesmerizing rock formations and cliffs attract beachgoers worldwide.


family walking in lisbon portugal

Many tourists begin and end their Portugal trip in Lisbon. It is hard to leave the city, as this Portuguese capital is a treat! It is one of the most affordable European capitals to visit if you are looking to save money during your vacation.

Lisbon always seems to be in a festive spirit with colorful, winding, steep alleyways that take you to a world of music, scenic lookout points, and world-class cuisine.

Each neighborhood has a unique spirit, ranging from trendy to chic to hippy. Take your time and get lost in the labyrinth of passageways, enjoying a cold Sagres beer and delicious pastéis de nata custard.


Turkey has something for you, no matter what kind of a trip you want to plan. Want to get lost in the vibrant and colorful bazaars of Istanbul? Or maybe swim in the Aegean Sea in Bodrum? Why not take a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia? Turkey should be a must on your travel wish list.

Below are the top three must-visit places in Turkey.


Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and is the only city in the world to straddle two continents: Asia and Europe. Situated along both sides of the Bosphorus strait connecting the continents, Istanbul was once the capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires.

Besides Rome, Istanbul is one of the few cities with a firm foot in its past and present. The city seamlessly merges the modern metropolis with ancient and medieval architecture, culture, and customs.

Only in Istanbul can you visit mosques (Hagia Sofia and Blue Mosque), go shopping (Grand Bazaar and Beyoglu shopping malls), and enjoy the thumping nightlife of Istiklal Street in Taksim on the same day!


Antalya is a famous resort town situated on the Mediterranean coastline.

The imposing Taurus mountains and sandy beaches, bars, and restaurants are on each side of Antalya. You can partake in all kinds of water sports here.

Visiting the old quarter will keep you mesmerized if you are looking for things to do outside of the water. With ancient ruins, a maze of streets, and plenty of shops, cafes, and restaurants, Antalya has a bit of everything.


Known for its unusual rock formations called “fairy chimneys,” Cappadocia is famous for attracting Instagram influencers. The fairy chimneys function as hotels, houses, and places of worship.

Cappadocia is famous for thousands of hot air balloons that take flight every morning during the flying season, which is typically April through November.

Tourists and influencers flock here to stay in cave hotels, fly above the fairytale landscape, and visit ancient underground tunnel settlements. (The tunnel settlements are hundreds of years old. They were built so residents could hide from attacking armies and escape religious persecution.)

Pack Your Luggage

You can spend months – even years – experiencing these two magnificent countries.

While we have picked the top three locations to visit in each country, there are many more amazing places you can explore on subsequent trips.

Rest assured that the friendly locals, fabulous cuisines, and a great holiday await in both countries. So go ahead and pack your bags. And don’t forget your sunscreen and travel insurance!

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Los Angeles Itinerary – Fun Things To Do In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is famous all over the world for its irresistible attractions. With the glamorous film and television industry located at the center, this southern Californian city attracts tourists on a large scale. If you plan to visit this traffic-studded bustling city, consider this Los Angeles itinerary guide to exploring the most famous, fun-filled, and mesmerizing attractions.

This metropolitan city harbors a broad spectrum of places you can choose as a holiday destination, from white sandy beaches and adventure hot spots to head-turning amusement parks, art museums, and a myriad of things to do in South Bay. So hop onto the two-day itinerary guide with added accommodation recommendations to experience La La Land’s diverse culture, colors, and brilliance.

When Is The Best Time to Visit Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is known to have sunny weather almost throughout the year. When planning a two-day Los Angeles trip, check out weather forecasts and seasons to ensure you do not face any disruption in this magical land. The recommended seasons to visit this bustling city are early summer and winter onsets. 

March to May and September to November are the peak seasons to visit Los Angeles, as the temperatures are favorable for certain outings and adventures. Even though you can visit this place at other times of the year, you should not go between July and August when the temperatures are the highest. 

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How to Get to Los Angeles?

If you are native to the USA and plan to visit Los Angeles for a two-day Los Angeles tour, you can reach either by airways or roadways. Otherwise, you can opt for trains, buses, cars, or flights depending on the distance. 

For instance, you can choose trains from San Diego to Los Angeles, while you need to opt for a flight to reach LA if you live in New York. If you reside outside the USA, you can choose waterways or airways as a mode of travel. Most countries have no direct flights from their domestic airports or ports. 

In such cases, you can choose the nearest flight or cruise destination to LA for this Los Angeles itinerary. From there on, you can select local transportation to reach the entertainment industry’s capital. 

How to Get Around Los Angeles?

For a comfortable and convenient tour around the city, the best mode of transportation would be using a rental car. Many rental services allow tourists to rent distinct cars on a day-to-day basis at low prices. Although this mode of traveling is convenient, the heavy traffic in LA might deplete too much of your time. 

Additionally, you can opt for a public mode of transportation for touring a day in Los Angeles in buses, metro trains, and subways. Make sure to purchase tickets and tap cards for the selected mode of public transportation beforehand at the stations. Most of the buses, trains, and subways pass through prominent landmarks. Other than this, you can also book a private tour to explore LA. 

Los Angeles Itinerary

Undoubtedly, the city of stars has many attractions that need to be visited and explored. From museums and theme parks to the all-famous Hollywood sign, this two-day Los Angeles itinerary offers some of the most exciting places. 

Day 1 – Get Ready for Adventures

The central and downtown parts of Los Angeles are perhaps the most frequented areas by natives and tourists alike. You can have a varied trip in these places, from hiking and sightseeing to strolling along the white, sunny beaches. On your first day in LA, some of the best things to do would be visit exotic cafes, landmarks, beaches, theme parks, and hiking points.

Runyon Canyon Park Hike

Popular among visitors as a hiking destination, Runyon Canyon Park is about a 12-minute ride from Hollywood. The area features a 4.35 km loop trail for hiking, running, or walking. 

If you desire to take a little walk with your furry pet, this dog-friendly hike in Los Angeles is worth the effort. The timing trail runs along the Hollywood hills and takes around 1hr 25 minutes to complete. 

You can find parking spots, water fountains, and rest areas along the trail. To avoid the expensive hourly parking rate, look for street parking around the area. This sunny, moderate hiking path runs through Yamashiro Hollywood, a Japanese restaurant, to replenish energy. 


hollywood sign from behind overlooking los angeles

When it comes to Los Angeles, you cannot miss stopping by Hollywood. This glamorous, luxurious, and well-known landmark is the mecca of movie lovers. You can either walk or choose local transportation to reach the Hollywood sign. Running through Lake Hollywood Park and Mount Lee Drive, the Hollywood sign is a popular Los Angeles hotspot to visit. 

Although you cannot get too close to the sign, it is worth exploring to feel the city’s magnificence from the top. 

This area features one of the most extensive attractions – the Hollywood walk of fame. Established to honor over 2600 entertainers of all time, this walkway is filled with picturesque 5-point stars. Additionally, you can watch the most famous movies of all time at Grauman’s Chinese Theater. 

Santa Monica Beach 

aerial view of santa monica pier on los angeles

Visiting beaches is among the best things to do in Los Angeles, specifically Santa Monica. The 72-mile seaside in Santa Monica is perfect for biking, walking, and surfing. You can find plenty of hourly parking spots, with several seaside eateries and bike points. Most nearby restaurants and shopping centers also offer parking spots at hourly rates. 

The prominent hotspot near Santa Monica beach is probably the Santa Monica Pier, studded with arcades, cafes, restaurants, coaster rides, and pubs. You can experience the thrill of roller coaster rides and giant Ferris wheels at the pacific park on Santa Monica pier. 

The Last Bookstore

This Southern California hidden gem is a must-explore destination, especially if you love the good old paperbacks.

This unique and vintage store in downtown Los Angeles houses a collection of old and new books, bookish sculptures, vinyl records, exquisite wall decors, and much more. You can choose any genre among the 500,000 titles and wander through the fictional world. 

This bookstore has a labyrinth tunnel, beautiful wall decorations, magnificent wall decorations, strange art collections, and a collection of books that looks good.

In addition, you can grab a quick bite at nearby restaurants and cafes such as Guisados, the wolves, etc. Lastly, you can opt to visit the nearby tattoo shop for an eccentric trip.

Day 2 – Trip to Los Angeles’ Popular Hotspots

On day two of the Los Angeles itinerary, you can visit the outlandish sites and encounter some hidden points in the city of angels. Some of the best things to do in Los Angeles on your second day would be doing adventure sports, visiting vintage stores, theme parks, and art museums.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios

harry potter castle at universal studios los angeles

A one-minute car ride from Yamashiro restaurant will take you to Universal Studio’s magical, enthralling Harry Potter-themed amusement rides. From the vintage Hogwarts castle to thrilling rides, you can experience the magical beauty of traveling at this amusement ride. 

Ollivanders’ wand shop show, frog choir, Triwizard spirit rally, Harry Potter and the forbidden journey, and flight of the hippogriff are the most prominent attractions of this area.

You can shop for your favorite magical items and dine in a filmy way in this area with themed stores and eateries such as Three Broomsticks, Honeydukes, Gladrags Wizardwear, Filch’s Emporium of Confiscated Goods, and Zonko’s Joke shop. Additionally, visitors can experience the magic with the help of magic wands encompassing sensors that can open cabinets. 

Disneyland Park

star wars at disneyland park

Visiting Los Angeles in two days would remain incomplete without including Disneyland Park. A 35-minute ride from the last bookstore, this amusement park has several attractions in different themes such as Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Critter Country, Mickey’s Toontown, StarWars: Galaxy’s Edge, and Holidayland.

Suitable for adults and children alike, this theme park is a great way to experience fun. Some of the coaster rides, log flumes, and shows you can experience in Disneyland Park are The Haunted Mansion, Fantasmic, splash mountains, Peter pan’s Flight, Jungle Cruise, Tarzan’s treehouse, Pirates of the Caribbean, Autopia, and more. 

Spend the afternoon and evening at Disneyland to avoid the traffic going back to your hotel if you are staying in Los Angeles. There are great restaurants and always lots of fun events going on in the evenings when most of the crowds have returned to their accommodations.

The Broad Museum

blue dog art piece at art museum in los angeles

To make the most out of your two-day trip to Los Angeles, you must visit one of the prominent art museums. The Broad is a contemporary art museum located 29 minutes from Disneyland Park. 

The general sightseeing tickets are free at this museum, but you must pay parking charges hourly. So, your best bet would be street parking to avoid spending extra money on parking alone. 

Home to the collections of exemplary artists such as Ed Ruscha, Jeff Koon, Andy Warhol, Cindy Sherman, Jeff Koons, Roy Lichtenstein, etc. You will likely admire the famous art collections, including Infinity Mirrored Room by Yayoi Kusama, The Visitors by Ragnar Kjartansson, Death of Marxism by Goshka Macuga, and Single Elvis by Andy Warhol. 


boy in ocean at beach one of the best things to do in los angeles

If you wonder what to do in Los Angeles in two days to experience the most adventurous sightseeing, stopping by Malibu would be your best bet. Located 33 miles from The Broad, Malibu is home to scenic, sandy beaches, and popular adventure hotspots. In addition, you can visit the Malibu Lagoon State Beach and Zuma Beach to surf in Malibu. 

Some beaches in Malibu have alcohol stores, such as Paradise Cove so that you can enjoy a cozy breeze with a glass of alcohol. Other attractions in Malibu include Mountain caves, Leo Carrillo State Park, Point Mugu State Park, and Pacific Coast Highway. 

Additionally, you can experience thrilling activities in Malibu, including parasailing, paragliding, kayaking, bike riding, and skydiving. Moreover, Malibu Creek State Park features bike riding, rock climbing, birdwatching, and horseback riding. 

Westward Beach in Malibu has plenty of parking lining the beach with restroom facilities and lifeguards on duty during the summer months. It is a perfect beach for families when visiting Los Angeles.

Where to Stay in Los Angeles?

The Beverly Hills Hotel is located in Beverly Hills, Southern California. This magnificent five-star hotel is listed among the renowned hotels globally. So, you can easily book suites, bungalows, or rooms in this hotel. The private parking, in-house restaurant, free wifi, pool, television, lush gardens, and aesthetically pleasing interiors make this hotel your top priority for accommodations. 

If you desire to book accommodation away from the buzzing traffic and central area, Venice Breeze Suites are your best bet, especially when traveling to LA with family. Located five minutes from Venice Beach, these cozy suites are perfect for short trips. Beachfront rooms, wifi, private kitchens, and other amenities are included in these suites. In addition, there are many eateries nearby Venice Beach that you can explore while staying here. 

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Where to Eat in Los Angeles?

Home to exquisite taste and culture, Los Angeles has many eateries, including restaurants, cafes, and dine-ins. If you are looking to taste peculiar yet delicious dishes, make sure to eat in Koreatown.

It features a wide variety of dishes like spicy rice cakes, marinated ribs, Korean BBQ, fruit bars, tofu dishes, and late-night bars. One of the famous restaurants in this area is Ahgassi Gopchang

Additionally, The Republique Cafe Bakery and Restaurant can be one of the best places to eat in LA. The menu features everything from pastries, desserts, cakes, cookies, and croissants to kimchi fried rice, roasted chicken, and seafood. This dark academia-themed eatery is suitable for both breakfast and dinner and is located 14 minutes away from Beverly Hills Hotel. 

Final Words

This guide is perfect for getting the most out of the Los Angeles itinerary in two days. While visiting certain places, make sure to book reservations in advance to avoid any hassle at the last minute. 

Confirm your accommodations before traveling to ensure no disruptions to plans occur. Also, keep an eye out for street parking spaces to avoid paying excessive parking fees. Additionally, avoid visiting various attractions during busy hours as there is a high chance of getting stuck in traffic.

Source: https://savoteur.com/los-angeles-itinerary-things-to-do-in-los-angeles/

Incredible Las Vegas Attractions You Must Visit

If you think you know Las Vegas, think again. The Las Vegas Strip is a must-see for any first-timer, but there is so much more to this city than just casinos and hotels. With a nightlife that is second to none, it’s no wonder people flock here from all corners of the globe. There are some pretty incredible Las Vegas attractions visitors shouldn’t miss during their stay. And some of them may surprise you.

FlyOver Las Vegas

people on seated ride watching movie
Photo Credit – In.Color.Studios

A visit to Las Vegas is not complete without experiencing Las Vegas’ hottest attraction. This incredible ride offers a unique and unforgettable experience that will leave you breathless. Soar over the Las Vegas Strip and the surrounding mountains while twisting, turning, and dipping in your seat on a ride that is sure to amaze.

With state-of-the-art effects and an exciting soundtrack, FlyOver Las Vegas is an attraction that the whole family will enjoy.

Creative director and “founding father of flight rides,” Rick Rothschild is the mastermind behind these attractions. During his 30-plus-year tenure as a creative executive at Walt Disney Imagineering, Rothschild produced more than 25 separate theme park attractions. FlyOver Las Vegas is an absolute delight, right on the iconic strip across from MGM Grand.

Two theatres currently offer “The Real Wild West” and “Legendary Iceland” for visitors to experience. Ride them both or pick one, but make sure you add FlyOver Las Vegas to your itinerary while in town.

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Bellagio Fountains

water fountains in las vegas
Image Credit: Bellagio

The Bellagio fountains are a Las Vegas staple. Situated in front of the Bellagio hotel, these fountains put on a show that is sure to amaze. With water jets that can shoot up to 460 feet in the air, the Bellagio fountains are one of the most impressive Las Vegas attractions.

The show runs every 30 minutes from noon to midnight on weekends, so you can catch it no matter when you are in Las Vegas. And the best part? It’s completely free to watch!

There are 35 incredible shows set to music ranging from Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli to Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, and world-renowned DJ Tiësto, and the Bellagio debuts 1-2 new shows per year. They have even had the 2022 NHL draft red carpet over the water in front of the famous fountains.

With 22 scuba-certified engineers on the Bellagio fountain crew, there are no limits to the incredible entertainment the famous show brings visitors every year.

Bellagio Gardens

giant lion and gardens in bellagio las vegas attractions
Image Credit: Bellagio

The Bellagio Fountains attract millions of visitors, but a few steps inside the hotel awaits a gardener’s paradise. Five times a year, the hotel’s Conservatory and Botanical Gardens are turned into amazing shows that people can see as they walk through the hotel.

Fourteen thousand square feet of space is utilized to display these magnificent works of art and is free for everyone to enjoy.

Themed after the four seasons, the Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens are worth a visit any time of year. From Chinese New Year celebrations to autumn leaves falling from above, there is always something new and exciting to see in the Bellagio gardens.

The displays are changed for Lunar New Year, Spring, Summer, Harvest, and Holiday. It takes approximately 5-8 days for the 80 conservatory members working 24 hours daily to change out each display.

People who go to the gardens during the day will be amazed when they come back in the evening and see how the lighting has changed. It is quite the experience to see zebras made of freeze-dried roses and giraffes made of seeds.

In addition, visitors will be surprised to learn that most of the gardens are hand-watered, and the water funnels out to Lake Meade.

The current display is titled Jungle of Dreams and is worth visiting to see the 28 animal sculptures and close to 10,000 plants and flowers, not to mention the lion’s crown made with Swarovski crystals!

Mob Museum

building in the dark
Image Credit: The Mob Museum

The National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, also known as the Mob Museum, is one of Las Vegas’s most popular attractions. This museum tells the story of organized crime in America through interactive exhibits and displays.

Visitors will have the opportunity to see artifacts from famous mobsters such as Al Capone and John Gotti and learn about the history of Las Vegas organized crime.

The museum also has a speakeasy, so you can enjoy a drink after exploring the exhibits. Visitors will want to see the presentation of cocktails at the speakeasy, where Las Vegas flair is alive and well.

The connection of Las Vegas’s current mayor to stories in the museum is fascinating. The Mob Museum is one of Las Vegas’s most unique attractions and will surely be a hit with visitors of all ages.

Area 15

square building

Area 15 is a Las Vegas attraction that is unlike any other. This immersive art and entertainment complex is home to a variety of installations, bars, and restaurants.

Some of the most popular attractions at Area 15 include Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart, Lost Spirits Distillery, Illuminarium, Dueling Axes, Five Iron Golf, The Beast by Todd English, Wink World: Portals Into the Infinite, Museum Fiasco, Virtualis VR, Emporium Arcade Bar and many more.

Omega Mart by Meow Wolf is a grocery store like no other, with interactive displays and a Las Vegas twist. Visitors can purchase groceries, but they will also be able to participate in the interactive displays by finding portals to secret playgrounds beyond this extraordinary grocery store.

The Omega Access Experience is an RFID card add-on that allows you to engage with devices at Omega Mart on a deeper level. There’s plenty to find out whether you have the RFID card or not.

The journey through the different worlds and installations is mesmerizing and surreal. Check out the exhibition to see if you can find the secret Datamosh Bar, which is hidden within it. The entire Omega Mart experience is unpredictable!

Once you have expensed your energy at Area 15, you can grab a bite or a drink after exploring the complex. Area 15 is an immersive playground and portal into otherworldly experiences.

Perception Las Vegas

lights in room with statue
Image Credit: Perception Las Vegas

Perception Las Vegas is an optical illusion art museum that will dazzle and confuse your senses. This one-of-a-kind attraction is filled with mind-bending displays that will have you questioning what is real and what is not.

The museum opened to the public on June 10 with a presentation dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci, titled simply “Leonardo: The Universal Man.” During the one-hour, three-part experience, it covers Leonardo’s life and works. The exhibit is divided into three immersive galleries that narrate different aspects of Leonardo da Vinci’s life and accomplishments.

“Our concept celebrates one of history’s most remarkable visionaries by putting his work into a completely captivating visual and audio experience, unlike anything that exists. This is a 360-degree, fully immersive, multi-sensory exhibit and experiential film that celebrates da Vinci in a way you’ve never seen before and won’t see anywhere else,” said Robert Frey, CEO of Perception Las Vegas.

Perception Las Vegas is the perfect place to challenge your perception of reality and have some fun. This attraction is sure to be a hit for all ages.

Cirque du Soleil’s Mad Apple

man upside down on stage in las vegas
Image Credit: Cirque du Soleil

Mad Apple is not a traditional Cirque du Soleil show. Instead, the best of New York and the best of Vegas combine to offer you one of the wildest nights out in sin city. The show’s main feature is stand-up comedy, a first for a Cirque du Soleil production. Brad Williams and Harrison Greenbaum, the headlining comedians of Mad Apple, provide guests with on-the-spot, often raucous improvisations.

But that’s not all Mad Apple has to offer. The show also features some of Cirque du Soleil’s world-renowned acrobats and aerialists, who perform death-defying feats while the comedians keep the audience laughing. It’s a perfect blend of Las Vegas entertainment that you won’t find anywhere else.

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America’s Got Talent Live

americas got talent sign
Image Credit: America’s Got Talent Las Vegas LIVE

You’ve seen it on TV. Now see it live in Las Vegas. America’s Got Talent Live is a Las Vegas stage production that features some of the best talents from the hit TV show. The performance is filled with past winners and crowd favorites from the TV show that will keep you on the edge of your seat, mesmerized by their outstanding talents.

America’s Got Talent Las Vegas LIVE introduces new acts and welcomes limited-engagement special guests regularly, thanks to its vast portfolio of talent to choose from.

Keep some tissues handy for the show. The stories of the performers are as touching as their talents. You’ll be inspired, you’ll laugh, and you might even shed a tear or two.

Fantastic Restaurants In Las Vegas

Nellie’s Southern Kitchen at MGM Grand

entrance to restaurant

Enjoy a seat at the Jonas family table with recipes for Southern comfort food passed down from their Grandma Nellie. Guests enter the restaurant and take their seats, passing through the stunning mural of Grandma Nellie that graces the entrance wall.

Nellie’s specializes in classic Southern comfort food with a modern twist. The menu features favorites like fried chicken, mac and cheese, and country-fried steak. And of course, no Southern meal is complete without some sweet tea.

Come prepared with an appetite as the portions are large, and the food is insanely delicious. The Southern Rolls are quite possibly the best appetizer we have ever tasted and make sure to leave room for the Banana Pudding to end your experience.

Sadelle’s Café at The Bellagio

green couch and seating with bar at restaurant
Image Credit: Sadelle’s Café

This is the place to come for Brunch in Vegas. Book a table after you stroll through the Bellagio Gardens and sit down for a culinary delight. There are a few booths that line the Gardens that are wonderful if you can snag one and who doesn’t love a restaurant that offers sticky buns as a side dish!

The Saddle’s Tower of smoked salmon and freshly baked bagels are heavenly, and the Eggs Benedict is divine. You really can’t go wrong with any dish at Sadelle’s Café. A perfect morning in Vegas would be a stroll through the Bellagio Gardens, brunch at Saddle’s Café, and finishing with the Bellagio Fountain show.

Eataly Las Vegas at Park MGM

restaurant seating and roof
Image Credit: Eataly Las Vegas

This is a Las Vegas foodie paradise. Eataly Las Vegas is an Italian marketplace offering the best of Italy under one roof. The market features a wide variety of food and drink from different regions of Italy, as well as educational offerings and cafés.

Whether you want to enjoy a glass of wine and some cheese at the wine bar or sit down for a full Italian meal at Toscana Restaurant & Bar, Eataly Las Vegas has you covered. The market also offers a wide variety of Italian products to take home with you, from olive oil to pasta to coffee.

The Beast By Todd English at Area 15

This is one of the newest restaurants in Las Vegas, and it’s already making waves. The Beast by Todd English is located inside Area 15, a new dining and immersive entertainment complex just off the Las Vegas Strip.

The Beast is an immersive dining experience that transports you into the world of Todd English’s imagination. The restaurant is filled with unique art, neon lights, fish eye mirrors, and other curiosities that create a one-of-a-kind dining atmosphere.

The food is just as unique as the setting, with dishes like Tuna tartare tacos, Bang Bang Shrimp, brisket, and St. Louis ribs. The Beast is one of those Las Vegas restaurants you must see to believe.

So there you have it, some of the best Las Vegas attractions that are a must-see on your next trip to Sin City. From live shows and restaurants to unique markets and immersive dining experiences, your Las Vegas getaway will be extraordinary by visiting these outstanding shows and restaurants.

Source: https://savoteur.com/las-vegas-attractions/


Are you planning to go to Houston for a three-day weekend?

Houston is a remarkable city to explore since it is known for being the world’s most significant space exploration, the capital of air conditioning, the world’s most enormous petroleum exploration, and the world capital for the international energy industry. 

This city offers you great history, is located right close to the Gulf of Mexico, and it is one major city within reach of waters in Galveston this 3-day itinerary in Houston is the perfect guide to make the most of your vacation.

With Houston being a large city, there are many things to do and see. 

Let’s discover this 3-day itinerary so that you can save a lot of time and experience the best that Houston has to offer. 

When to Go to Houston 

Most people say the best time to go to Houston is in the spring, but each season brings its own unique events and attractions. Houston is a city you can explore anytime throughout the year. 

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How to Get There

In Houston, two major airports are Intercontinental (IAH) and Hobby (HOB). If you already live in Texas, you can get to Houston by Mega Bus or Vonalane since both offer bus service. If you live close to Texas, you could also drive there in your car. 

How to Get Around Houston 

It can be challenging to get around Houston if you don’t have a car. However, it is possible if you plan accordingly. If you stay downtown, you can explore many things just by walking. However, if you want to see other places outside of downtown, you can rent a car for a day. 

There is also a METRORail system that connects downtown to the Medical Center, and the day pass is only $3, which is extremely cheap. 

Where to Stay

To save some money, you want to use the METRORail to its fullest. To use this as much as possible, you will want to stay downtown. The best hotels in downtown Houston are the Club Quarters Hotel and the Sam Houston Hotel, priced between $100-180. 

If you want to go to museums, the best place to stay is at the Hotel ZaZa Museum District since you can walk to many places from this hotel. 


The best way to see the city at a reasonable price is to get the CityPass. You can visit the Space Center Houston, the Downtown Aquarium, the Houston Museum of Natural Science, the Houston Zoo or Museum of Fine Arts, and the Kemah Boardwalk or Children’s Museum Houston with the CityPass. It is a great pass to see many attractions for around $64.

3-Day Itinerary Houston

Day 1

park and water with city skyline in background
Image Credit: Deposit Photos

On the first day in Houston, you should see Buffalo Bayou Park and either Market Square Park or Discovery Green. 

Buffalo Bayou Park is one of the main attractions that many people see due to its massive area. Since Buffalo Bayou Park is so large, you might want to bring your breakfast and some snacks to explore this area. You could even have a nice morning picnic at the park.

The park has a lot of green space to walk and bike to get in some fresh air and nature. You could also rent a canoe or kayak and paddle on Buffalo Bayou if you want. Unfortunately, Buffalo Bayou is a vast park, and you will not be able to walk the entire place in one day. 

In the afternoon, choose between visiting Market Square Park or Discovery Green. For lunch, head to Flying Idlis, a delicious Indian place that serves mainly vegetarian food.

If that is not to your liking, you can eat at Niko Niko Greeks & American Cafe, already at Market Square Park, if you plan to spend the afternoon there. The Market Square Park is a public place for entertainment, dining, public art, and green space. 

If you prefer to explore Discovery Green, have lunch at The Grove. The Grove is a modern and rustic place that serves Texas cuisine like salads, sandwiches, and steak. After lunch, you can explore Discovery Green, a modern park with many activities and things to see. For example, you can see the Synchronicity of Color, Kinder Lake, Mistress, and Dr. Seuss Experience. 

You can eat at Hearsay Market Square restaurant for dinner, across from Market Square Park. The Hearsay Market Square serves amazing American-inspired sandwiches, salads, entrees, and innovative drinks. The Hearsay Market is a place you don’t want to miss. 

After dinner, you should take a stroll and explore the city lights and skyscrapers to end your first day in Houston. 

Day 2 

animal display in museum on a 3 day itinerary in houston
Image Credit: Deposit Photos.

On day 2, you want to explore the heart of Houston, which is the Houston Museum District. A lot of museums and activities are all in that one location. You could also use the METRORail and the CityPass to explore the museums. 

Since it might be a busy day, you might want to eat breakfast at the hotel or near the Houston Museum District, depending on how much you want to see today.

A great breakfast place is the MFA Cafe, a cozy cafe that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a Northern Italian accent. It is an inexpensive and beautiful place to start the day. 

After breakfast, you can explore the tourist attractions by using your CityPass. Since the Houston Museum District is a large area, you can’t go to all the places in one day. You should pick your top two—however, the Houston Museum of Natural Science should be on your top two since it is the most visited museum in Houston.

It is a museum founded in 1909 and has a planetarium, butterfly pavilion, and large screen for IMAX movies. It is a family-friendly place to see.  

There is a lovely contemporary Mediterranean place called Fadi’s Eatery, which serves Mediterranean salads, pizzas, wraps, and classic dishes for lunch. It serves healthy and good food that will not disappoint you.

After lunch, you can go to a different museum on your CityPass or to Hermann Park. The park is so huge that it takes a day to explore. 

For dinner, how about French cuisine? There is a delicious French restaurant near Hermann Park. It is a modern French restaurant that serves refined chicken and seafood plates. The interior, atmosphere, and food will surely give you the best dining experience. 

Day 3 

nasa space museum in houston
Image Credit: Deposit Photos.

On Day 3, you might want to rent a car to go to the NASA Johnson Space Center and the Kemah Boardwalk. You want to end the last day in Houston with an incredible experience. 

You can get something typical to eat for breakfast since you might have a busy day driving to the Nasa Johnson Space Center. NASA trains the astronauts for their missions at Johnson Space Center. So you get to see a massive collection of space artifacts, from old spacesuits to moon rocks. 

About 10-15 minutes away from the Space Center is the Kemah Boardwalk. This area has a roller coaster, dozens of restaurants, stores, and carnival games. It’s a huge attraction that you don’t want to miss. Also, since you are going here near lunchtime, you can find many restaurants

You can dine at Laundry’s and the Flying Dutchman, which serves seafood. This place is expensive, but it offers a great view and experience you don’t want to miss on your last day. They serve a variety of cajun food like gumbo, oysters, and hush puppies.

The best part is the view of the Kemah canal and Galveston Bay. After eating, you should spend the entire day exploring the area with food, games, and shopping at the Kemah Boardwalk. It is the perfect place to spend your last day in Houston.

What a great last day to end your amazing 3-day trip before returning home, right?

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Final Thoughts

Houston is a large and fun city you don’t want to miss on your travel list. There are always things to see and do daily. With this three-day itinerary, you can experience the best of what Houston offers. 

If you plan to take a trip to Houston for a few days, you could also check what other events are happening. You can also customize the trip based on your interests and where you want to go.

Whether you are looking for exploration or adventure, you will find a lot of entertaining activities that will make you want to return to Houston again and again. 

Source: https://savoteur.com/3-day-itinerary-houston/

10 Of The Best Day Trips From Dublin

Oh, the Irish capital, where the people are jolly, the pints are tasty, and the vibe is like nowhere else in the world. Visitors venture to Dublin for a multitude of reasons, whether it be tourism or the nightlife.

But what happens when you want a break from city life and want to see somewhere else for the day? These day trips from Dublin are perfect for exploring more of Ireland, just be careful if you are renting a car and braving these Irish roads!

Regardless of whatever you’re visiting for, Dublin is definitely worth visiting. From early morning hikes in the Wicklow mountains to historical endeavors to Kylemore Abbey in Galway, a substantial number of one-day trips are available for visitors to take to suit all types of travelers’ needs.

This post will comprehensively summarize all the best day trips from Dublin. By the end, you’ll have a mountain of ideas on how to spend a day away from the capital.

Let’s get started.

1. Belfast, Co. Antrim

titanic building in belfast ireland best day trips from dublin

The vibrant capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast, has stormed onto the scene in recent years. From quirky bars popping up on every corner to state-of-the-art experiences like the Titanic experience, there are a plethora of things to do in one day.

Belfast was once a city with a violent past, but there has been a real push lately to make it a cosmopolitan city like its other competitors on the island.

One of the best things you can do in Belfast is the world-leading Titanic experience. Located on the outskirts of the main city center near the Titanic Slipways, the self-guided tour brings visitors on an interactive journey through what it was like to be a ship worker on the Titanic and the story behind the catastrophe. 

Belfast is a two-hour drive from Dublin, making it an ideal spot for a day out.

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2. Cliffs Of Moher, Co. Clare

famous cliffs of moher in ireland

Did you really go to Ireland without visiting the Cliffs of Moher? Hands down, it’s the most popular day trip from Dublin, with thousands of people flocking to county Clare to catch a glimpse of the natural formation.

The breathtaking cliffs formed over 320 million years ago stretch for nearly 14 kilometers in distance and up to almost 700 ft in height. So it’s no wonder they get the recognition that they deserve.

Tickets to see the cliffs of Moher are 7 euros per person; with that, you get full access to the visitor center, an audio guide, and also entry into O’Brien’s tower.

The cliffs of Moher are just over a 3 hour’s drive from Dublin. However, those looking to really make the most of their day away from the capital should look into visiting the Ailwee Caves, which are one of the oldest sets of caves in Ireland and are on the way back from the cliffs of Moher.

3. Old Head of Kinsale, Co. Cork

The Old Head of Kinsale is the most southern point on the famed Wild Atlantic Way, one of the most popular road-trip routes globally! The ‘Old Head’ as it’s known locally is a 20-minute drive from the colorful town of Kinsale in the region of West Cork. The vast and dramatic cliffs towering over the wild Atlantic Ocean below are one of the best photo opportunities in Ireland.

If you love storm watching, then visit the Old Head of Kinsale in the Winter, ideally in December or January when the rain and wind are at their worst. The largest wave ever recorded here was a huge 85.6 feet (26.1m) back in 2014, but, during a stormy Winter’s day (which is common in Ireland), the waves at the Old Head reach an average of 75 feet. 

You can park in the small car park here and watch the storm roll in from the comfort of your car, but for the best view of the waves crashing against the cliffs, you will need to get out and stand close (as is safely possible) to the cliff’s edge. Just make sure you have your rain gear!

If you’re a history fan, then you may know that this site is the closest land point to where the Lusitania ship sank during World War I, with the loss of 1200 lives. 

3. Mitchelstown Cave, Co. Cork

Also in county Cork, Tipperary is one of the country’s most highly thought about natural wonders, Mitchelstown Cave, an ideal thing to do on a rainy day. The set of caves was accidentally found in 1833 by a man named Michael Condon, an average man quarrying limestone who let his crowbar fall and discovered the antre.

After the discovery, people who lived on the land decided to step in and ensure the cave’s natural beauty was preserved. For this to happen, the landowners gave visitors tours of the cave in an orderly fashion, so nobody could stroll in as they pleased.

In the 1960s, professionals eventually looked at the cave to make it easier to access. Footpaths were installed so people could walk through freely, electricity was put in place for some lighting, and today it’s one of the country’s top day trips from Dublin.

4. Powerscourt Estate, Co. Wicklow

pond with fountain and estate in background

This magnificent estate and gardens are less than an hour’s drive from Dublin and make for the perfect day trip. Visitor’s have the opportunity to walk the 47 acres of gardens, eat at the Avoca Terrace or explore the Powerscourt waterfall.

The audio guide is triggered by GPS, so as you walk around the gardens, you can listen to the history and hear stories of the past. The walk will take approximately one hour with 22 stops along the way.

The trail to the waterfall is 1.5 km and takes about 25 minutes to reach the falls. The parking lot is a separate entrance and 6km from the main Powerscourt Estate and tickets cannot be purchased online.

5. Waterford Greenway, Co. Waterford

path through fields with mountains in the distance

Those looking for some active leisure time away from city life should head to the wonderful Waterford Greenway for a cycle of a lifetime.

Hop on your bike and take the 46km route, which will bring you through some of the finest parts of the sunny southeast, including the rugged Comeragh mountains, bright green fields, and quaint rural villages such as Dungarvan.

Along the trail, multiple rental stores offer enthusiasts bikes to rent for all skill sets and ages.

Cyclists should give themselves at least 6 hours to complete the track, but it’s best enjoyed by spending the whole day with plenty of breaks to get the most out of the experience.

Waterford is less than 2 hours away from Dublin, so you can get the full day out of it if you leave early.

6. Kylemore Abbey, Co. Galway

Situated in the west of Ireland along the Wild Atlantic Way, Kylemore Abbey is one of Dublin’s most underrated day trips.

The abbey itself was built in the 1800s by a wealthy businessman named Mitchell Henry Mp, who wanted to show the potential of what could be constructed in rural Ireland, and boy did he show it.

In 1920, ownership of Kylemore Abbey was handed over to the Benedictine community, who now run the show. Anybody who wishes to spend the day at the abbey will get a raw insight into how the Benedictine nuns live their lives. It’s fascinating to see if you’ve never been introduced to something like it.

It takes around 3 hours and 30 minutes from Dublin to Kylemore Abbey. Although it’s a long way from home, it’s definitely worth spending the day there.

7. Newgrange, Co. Meath 

A brilliant way to spend the day away from Dublin is by heading to its neighboring county of Meath to see the Stone Age Neolithic monument known as Newgrange.

Newgrange is a site that is over 5000 years old and was built by Stone Age farmers. The best way to describe this incredible construction is to say it’s a mound-like formation that hits up to 13 meters high, 85 meters in diameter, and has a passageway that is 19 meters long that hides some of the hidden sacred chambers still to this day.

The ancient site is part of a set of monuments known as Brú Na Bóinne that are situated along the river Boyne, which can also be visited while you’re around the area. The other monuments are named Knowth and Dowth. Both are similar creations to Newgrange.

Tickets for Newgrange can be purchased directly through their website.

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8. The Wicklow Mountains National Park, Co. Wicklow

Just south of Dublin is the well-sought-after Wicklow Mountains National Park. It’s an area of over 23,000 hectares of rugged mountains, quiet lakes, and gentle streams for you to explore. The National Park is the largest of the six in Ireland.

Visitors can spend the day in many ways, including hiking the treacherous Wicklow Way on several trails, swimming in Gledaloughs’ upper lakes, and much more. You may even come into contact with some wildlife, such as the red deer, Ireland’s only native deer species.

There are many access points for anybody wishing to visit the national park. One of the most popular would be at the famous Glendalough, a massive glacial valley home to an early medieval settlement founded in the 6th century.

Entrance to the park is free, but if you want to park your car, you have two options. The first is parking at Glendalough, where the parking is two euros, but the gates close at 8 o’clock. The second option is to find a public parking space in the little village of Laragh. Be careful not to park illegally, as you can be fined if you’re not careful.

9. Giants Causeway, Co. Antrim

ocean with rocks and sunset

Located on the very edge of Antrim, the Giants Causeway is the only UNESCO World Heritage Site in Northern Ireland.

Those looking to escape the bedlam of Dublin City for a day can venture up north to discover the remains of an area that was affected by an ancient volcanic eruption. Over 50 to 60 million years ago, the eruption left behind polygon-shaped basalt columns in different shapes and sizes. There are about 40.000 columns still there to this day.

There have been some myths floating around for dozens of years that suggest that the creation of the Giants’ Causeway was at the hands of giants, particularly the famous giant Finn MacCumhaill.

Visitors can take the Giants Causeway experience tour, where you’ll be taken through an exhibition to learn about the history and geology of the site through an audio guide. Every hour, guided tours leave the exhibition area down to the landform. If that’s not your thing, you can get access to the landform free of charge, you just won’t be able to do the exhibition. 

10. Fota Wildlife, Co. Cork

Animal lovers, this one is for you. Fota Wildlife is a zoo with a twist. The 100-acre park aims to allow its animals to roam freely in an environment where they’re comfortable and not locked in cages like in a normal zoo while interacting with other animals and human beings. The animals decide what they want to do and when they want to do it.

The unique attraction has plenty of animals on display, from giddy monkeys jumping from tree to tree to baby cubs following their mother-like leeches. Don’t be frightened; animals that may seem a little more dangerous than others are placed in more secure settings, but nothing that would make them claustrophobic. Fota Wildlife Park is a two and a half-hour drive from Dublin, so a visit for the whole day is doable.

Ireland is a spectacular country with so much to see and experience. This list of day trips from Dublin will give you a taste of this vast island with the hopes that one day you will return to explore again.

Adam is the owner & writer of the Where In Dublin travel blog. The blog focuses on providing visitors with a tool where they can find every bit of travel information they need before visiting Dublin. Adam is obsessed with travel and constantly seeking out his next adventure. In his spare time, he ventures out to just about anywhere with his camera in a hope of catching some forms of humanity to show his followers. Adam currently resides in Ireland and is planning to hit the road full time this coming August where he’ll travel to South East Asia with his girlfriend to focus on his blogging and travelling.

Source: https://savoteur.com/day-trips-from-dublin/

12 Best Tips for Traveling in Munich Germany

Someone recently posted in a popular German travel forum seeking the best traveling tips for visiting the country. They explained their son was visiting, and they were nervous about his safety. Here are the top-voted responses.

1. Germany is Safe

Germany is a lot safer than most countries. However, one woman replied that even though it’s safer, you should still be aware of your surroundings and leave uncomfortable situations. Another agreed, “I felt safer walking through Munich than in California, Florida, or New York.”

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2. Plan Your Wardrobe Accordingly

One suggested wearing the proper jacket and shoes for your journey. They explained that Munich’s Winter lasts longer than the U.S. As a California resident, it was challenging for him to cope with the March and April weather due to a lack of preparation.

3. Carry Cash at All Times

One recommended that you always keep cash on hand. Credit cards are only able to be used at some establishments. Most only accept cash. Another agreed that you should purchase Euros before boarding flights to avoid ATM fees. They are unnecessarily high for foreign banks in particular.

4. Some Banks Offer Packages Abroad

Some banks offer a program that waives Germany‘s ATM fees. A banker explained that since beginning work abroad, he found a bank offering a waived fee for a slightly higher monthly cost. Unfortunately, fewer ATMs accept this service in Munich, but there are some.

5. Save Your Leftovers

Many in the thread noted that the food is excellent throughout Munich. However, remember that the portions and caloric intake may be heavier than you are used to being served in America.

When one person traveled to Munich, they only bought one full meal and snacks daily that they could store for leftovers. It made their trip much more affordable.

6. No Biking While Intoxicated

It is acceptable to drink beer in public, claims one Redditor, as long as you are not causing a disturbance. However, riding a bike or e-scooter while intoxicated is classified as the same as driving an automobile while intoxicated in the eyes of German law. It can lead to an arrest and a complicated situation to get yourself out of as a foreigner.

7. Most Younger People Will Know English

If you are learning German, most people will appreciate it, even if you need help with your wording. According to one woman, most young adults in Germany can speak English, so you will be more likely to get help from them.

On the other hand, some people may be more hesitant to help than in places like Japan because of a more significant language barrier in older generations.

8. Adjust Your Data Plan

Another suggested that you ensure your data plan covers roaming in Europe. Sometimes, traveling can be complicated, and having a map in hand will be very useful. Also, the data used in Europe might be more expensive if you don’t have a suitable coverage plan.

9. German Beer is Stronger

One explained that beer in Germany is much stronger than in the U.S., with a lower drinking age in Germany. Many tend to underestimate German beer since it is less potent in America. So be cautious when you drink, and be aware of its effects on you.

10. Beware of Violent Ends to Sports Events

One warned some sports events in Munich end violently, so be aware of your surroundings and leave those areas promptly. One fan said that the football games he attended in Munich all had violent ends, so he recommends finding a local friend in the area that will give you some tips on staying safe in that particular stadium.

11. Buy Tickets in Advance

Buy your tickets in advance. One German confessed that sports events tend to be very popular in Munich. Unfortunately, these tickets sell out quickly, so you must buy them early to get a seat.

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12. Wear a Face Mask

Many areas in Germany still require the use of medical-grade face masks. A Munich local explained that many in Germany retained their cautious habits from the beginning of the pandemic, so many areas still require masks and social distancing.

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit recommendations list of helpful tips for traveling in Munich. This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Savoteur.




Source: https://savoteur.com/12-best-tips-for-traveling-in-munich-germany/

10 American Road Trips Everyone Should Experience in Their Life Time

Recently someone asked American Rediitors, What’s the ONE American road trip, everyone should experience in their lifetime? Here are the top-voted recommendations.

1. The Pacific Coast Highway

The number one-voted road trip Americans recommend everyone travel at least once in their lifetime is the Pacific Coast Highway. One noted, “Almost anytime is good to go, but the spring or fall is optimal.”

The Pacific Coast Highway follows the Western coast of the United States. Speaking as someone who lived in Washington and drove the highway before crossing the country to Maryland, Oregon has the most beautiful coast with tons of little sea towns to stop in along the way.

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2. Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula borders three great lakes against a beautifully forested backdrop. One American suggested, “Go through the upper peninsula of Michigan and camp in a state park campground.”

Others noted that Mackinac Island is breathtaking. It’s also the filming location for the 1980 classic Somewhere in Time with Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour.

3. Miami to Key West

Miami to Key West is a beautiful drive voted number three on this top list of American road trips. One traveler shared, “That drive was a bucket list item we were lucky enough to complete the week before COVID lockdowns hit. Just stopping at random places and enjoying the beauty is impressive.”

4. Albuquerque to Vancouver, B.C.

One user noted, “Albuquerque to Vancouver, B.C., was an incredible drive. You hit New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.”

5. The Million Dollar Highway

One explained, “The Million Dollar Highway is beautiful and not for the faint heart. And I’ve done it in snow.” The Million Dollar Highway stretches roughly 25 miles in western Colorado, following U.S. 550 between Silverton and Ouray. It’s a stretch of the San Juan Skyway.

There are legends about why it’s called that, including it cost a million dollars to build and contains millions of dollars of gold ore in its dirt fill. However, the locals will tell you, “You’d have to pay me a million dollars to get me to drive it in the snow.” There is breathtaking scenery everywhere but beware, no guard rails.

6. The Great River Road

The Great River Road is a scenic collection of state and local roads following the course of the Mississippi River through ten states in America: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

One traveler shared, “Along the Mississippi River. You can start in Minnesota. Then, the Twin Cities. Then Effigy Mounds National Monument. Then Hannibal, Mo. (Mark Twain’s hometown). St. Louis, Mo. (Gateway Arch). Pere Marquette State Park and Cahokia Mounds in Illinois. Many more attractions are further south to New Orleans.”

7. The Taylor Highway

Another explained, “If you make it to Alaska, I’d suggest the Taylor Highway, from about 12 miles south of Tok, up to Eagle, on the Yukon River.

The scenery is spectacular, particularly once you get about 70 miles in, and some of it is both breathtaking and pucker-inducing; think 1.5 lanes wide roadway blasted into the side of a hill, with a 500′ drop to the downside and no guardrail.

It is traveled so lightly that I don’t think it even shows up as a road on Google Earth after about mile 95, where a spur (the “Top of the World Highway”) takes off toward Dawson. Be sure to bring spare tires and top off your gas tank at Chicken and Eagle, as those are the only two places to fill up on the highway’s entire stretch.”

Again, as someone who also lived in Alaska. Let me add that The Seward Highway between Anchorage and the Kenai Peninsula is breathtaking. The blue ice glaciers will make you pause. But beware of areas without guard rails. Also, these drives are night and day different between summer and winter, and they are stunning during both.

8. The Empire Builder

One American suggested The Empire Builder. It’s a train that leaves from Chicago and goes to Seattle or Portland. It goes through Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon if you’re going to Portland.

For the first couple hours, it’s just farmland, and you’ll cross the Mississippi River. Then, going through Montana and Idaho is absolutely BEAUTIFUL with the Rocky mountains. Finally, the train splits into two trains in Spokane (Washington), one going to Seattle and the other to Portland.

9. The Overseas Highway

Many in the thread agreed, “The Overseas Highway down to Key West is gorgeous and fairly relaxing.” It is a 113-mile highway carrying U.S. Route 1 through the Florida Keys to Key West. The top speed for most of it is about 45 miles an hour.

One added, “I recommend getting a hotel in the Marathon area and going the rest down to Key West as a day trip from the hotel if you are traveling as a family. Significant savings and less noise at night generally. If you are going to drink a lot, stay on the island in Key West, close to Duval street.”

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10. The Cross Country Drive

Finally, one stated, “I’ll go ahead and say the cliché thing: The cross-country drive. Because over five-to-six days, you see the landscape and the people change before your eyes. I-40 is especially good. From Wilmington, North Carolina, to Barstow, California, picking up I-15 into San Diego.

What do you think? Did American Redditors get this right, or is a significant American road trip missing from this list? This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Savoteur.




Source: https://savoteur.com/10-american-road-trips-everyone-should-experience-in-their-life-time/

10 Best Destinations People Insist You Should Travel To

Are you browsing the best places to travel worldwide and searching for real stories to confirm before purchasing your tickets? Then, we got you covered. After someone asked Reddit for the number-one places to visit, these are the top-voted recommendations.

1. Budapest, Hungary

The number one-voted place to visit around the globe is Budapest in Hungary. One noted, “Budapest is awesome in every way. Highly recommend you visit.”

Another shared, “I went to Europe for the first time last year, Paris, Amsterdam, Prague, and Budapest. Prague and Budapest were our favorites, with Budapest being the best overall. It’s beautiful, has a lot of things to do and is crazy cheap. People were super friendly in both countries.”

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2. Palawan, Philippines

Several people agreed that the Philippines is a must-see country to add to the bucket list. One suggested, “Palawan, Philippines; been there four times and would go again as if it’s my first time.” A second agreed, “I loved my trip to the Philippines a few years ago! It’s seriously an underrated country.”

3. Okavango, Botswana

The third most-voted place to travel to is Okavango, Botswana. One explained, “It’s gorgeous. Parts have to be navigated by canoe, and other parts by 4×4. Lying in your tent at night, you can hear the sounds of wild animals. Saw lots of wild animals during the day: elephants, lions, hyenas, African wild dogs, fish eagles, crocodiles, hippos, giraffes, and more.”

4. Gili Islands, Indonesia

Someone nominated the Gili Islands in Indonesia. One traveler boasted, “It’s like anyone’s dream beach holiday; white sand, blue water, snorkeling with the turtles, cocktails at sunset (or all day in my case), cheap and delicious food along the beach, friendly locals…. I could keep going on forever. It was amazing!”

5. Utah, United States

Utah is my favorite place to visit,” another replied. “I like being outdoors and hiking. The mountains there are unique and have a different vibe than any other place I visited. I felt at home there, even the first time I visited!”

Many others agreed that the mountains in Utah are stunning. I’ve also visited Utah, and if you stay in St. George, Inn on the Cliff is an excellent room with a fabulous view and is surprisingly affordable.

6. Japan

Several Redditors agreed that Japan is an incredible international destination for visiting. One exclaimed, “Japan, hands down! It’s the only place I’ve ever visited that I miss when I leave. I can’t wait to go back. My favorites are: Tokyo, Yokohama, Nikko, Matsumoto, Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Koyasan, Kurashiki, Hiroshima, Miyajima, Kobe, and Nagano.”

7. Uganda

A solo traveler shared their experience in Uganda. “I solo traveled around the country by bus, Boda boda (motorcycle), and taxi for eight days to trek for gorillas in the Bwindi impenetrable forest. I would highly recommend visiting Uganda!”

After someone asked if they found the gorillas, they replied, “Yes, Bwindi has around a 99% success rate for gorilla treks. The trek took around five hours in total.”

8. Spain

Spain comes in at number eight on this best travel destination list. One raved, “Spain is excellent. For sure – and the food is fantastic. Highly recommend Barcelona if you can, but the countryside is marvelous too.” Another added that Seville is a must-see location. 

9. Firiplaka Beach, Island of Milos, Greece

Firiplaka Beach, on the Island of Milos in Greece, was discussed as a beautiful destination that everyone should see at least once. One noted, “It’s in the Cyclades in the Aegean. Mostly undeveloped. Lots of people use quads for transportation.”

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10. Ireland

Finally, Ireland made this list of traveling destinations people insist you must see to believe. One shared, “Dublin is a lovely large city. However, my preference was for the west. The countryside is gorgeous. I loved my time on Inishmore (the largest of the Aran Islands).

I don’t know how to explain my draw to the country. I enjoy the music, the people and the food. Guinness is delicious as well! I’ve been there twice and have a third trip planned.”

Another agreed, “I loved Connemara! Driving through the Burren was also a highlight for me. So many differences in the landscape for a smaller country.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit recommendations list of the best places to travel worldwide. This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Savoteur.




Source: https://savoteur.com/10-best-destinations-people-insist-you-should-travel-to/

10 Best Travel Destinations That Blew People’s Expectations Out of the Water

Have you ever traveled somewhere that completely blew your mind with how much it amazingly exceeded your expectations? You’ve got company. After someone asked Reddit for their best examples of this, these are the top-voted destinations.

1. Bordeaux, France

One traveler exclaimed, “Bordeaux in France! I just wanted to get away with a friend for the weekend. I took the cheapest flight from Dublin without knowing anything about the place, and Oh-My-God, it was so beautiful!”

Another added, “10 out of 10 blew me away. The city is excellent with its emphasis on walking and cycling over cars. The surrounding coastal and inland towns are gorgeous. Plus, you can get cheap, fresh oysters everywhere!”

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2. Mexico City, Mexico

Another traveler volunteered, “Mexico City! I had spent loads of time in Mexico in general. Still, I always avoided Mexico City because of the sprawl, pollution, traffic, and crime, but they are false connotations!

It’s about as smoggy as LA on a good day, with perfect weather (May) and much to do and see. In four days, I walked 33km. Sure it’s a mega city, but all the good neighborhoods, attractions, and historical centers are all linked together in one section of the overall town and not too far from the airport.

Also, loads of hip/chill bars and cafes, fantastic food, and the historical center on a Sunday are unbelievable. In terms of sights, architecture, museums, food, and drink, it’s on par with any top European destination such as London or Rome.

Also, I have lived in Colombia for nearly 15 years. Although Medellin is one of my favorite places on earth, I felt safer in Mexico City. So don’t believe the bad press and go!”

3. Vietnam

One traveler shared, “Vietnam is incredible. It’s worth spending two-to-three weeks going from one end to the other.” Another added, “Especially Northern Vietnam. Eat as much Pho as you can. Feel free to eat from the little food stalls on the Streets. They offer the best food you can imagine!

Same for Vietnamese Coffee, it’s Great! But drink it before the ice melts, or even Order it without ice cubes. The water quality is not the best, and you will have diarrhea otherwise.”

4. Edinburgh, Scotland

“We used it as a stopover in our Europe trip in 2019. We took an Isle of Skye tour that departed from there and then spent one day in the city after we got back before heading back to London on the train,” one explained.

“I LOVED it. It was my favorite city we visited on our whole trip. We spent most of the day there just walking around and exploring, and it was one of the prettiest days of our trip. The city’s vibes were great, and I loved looking in and around the close.”

Another added, “I loved Edinburgh. I felt at home there right away—so much history. Stroll through the graveyards and get a sense of it. Greyfriars Kirkyard is awesome.”

5. Istanbul, Turkey

“Istanbul,” shared one. “I loved everything about that city. The beauty, the culture, the people, the history, it has everything!” Another argued, “Turkey in general. Although it seems not very popular, at least for Americans, I recommend it to all my friends.

Pamukkale and Cappadocia are unlike anything I have seen elsewhere. The Ephesus ruins are more impressive than some of the popular ones in Greece.”

Another stated, “I could not agree more. I loved everything about Turkey but especially the people. They are so warm and welcoming. We made a week-long trip there about seven years ago and went to Istanbul and Cappadocia.

It is the best and most memorable trip I have ever taken. When I told people this, they all acted surprised. Many Americans are ignorant about the country and view it as a third-world country, but it’s not.”

6. Iceland

Iceland,” recommended another. “It may come as a surprise since it’s so popular, but I didn’t know much about the country when my wife said she wanted to go so she could see the volcano eruption.

Everything about the country blew me away—all the outdoor wonders and crazy landscapes that pictures don’t do justice, but also the towns. The roads are easily navigable, the people are very friendly, and we had some fantastic food. There were great bars as well. I would go back.”

7. The Baltics

One traveler said, “The entirety of the Baltics, but Riga especially. I loved it there.” Another stated, “Agree, Riga surprised me. I also went to Tallinn on that trip and still liked Riga more.” Another argued, “Tallinn was my most surprisingly pleasant visit. We had no expectations, and we’re blown away in Tallinn.”

8. The Neuschwanstein Castle in Schwangau, Germany

“The Neuschwanstein Castle. I know it’s a tourist destination. But I was utterly blown away by everything,” one confessed. “I went in winter, and it was the right decision. It was so magical, like a fairy tale. Beautiful snow covered everything. The castle was lovely, but the trek up the hill through the snow-capped forest was the best part.”

9. The Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA

The Grand Teton,” one replied. “I usually don’t care for domestic trips, but those mountains are majestic.” A second shared, “I took a road trip around the USA. And the Grand Tetons was my standout surprise winner as well.

You can see why so many rich people live in Jackson Hole.” Finally, one admitted, “The northwest corner of Wyoming is one of my favorite places I’ve been. It makes so much sense why it is popular with tourists and the wealthy.”

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10. Vienna, Austria

One traveler suggested, “Vienna is one of the most beautiful places in Europe.” Another confessed, “We were on holiday in Bratislava and decided to get the train to Vienna since it was only a 45-minute journey. I was blown away by how beautiful the city was, and I still think about it regularly.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit recommendations list of the best places people traveled and were mind-blown. This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Savoteur.



Source: https://savoteur.com/10-best-travel-destinations-that-blew-peoples-expectations-out-of-the-water/

Top 10 Things Female Solo Travelers Do During Nightlife Hours

Are you a solo traveler looking for the best things to do during the nighttime hours of your travels? Then, we got you covered. Recently a Redditor asked for ideas for enjoying traveling destinations at night. They clarified they are a female solo traveler looking for safe opportunities. Here are the top-voted recommendations.

1. See Shows

One user noted, “So when I’m traveling alone, I go to shows, like theaters or plays by myself. Usually, it attracts a good crowd, and I feel relatively safe. You’re also done at a reasonable time at night, by 10-10:30. Then I’m back in my hotel room with a nice bottle of wine, liquor, or beer drinking, enjoying the view from my room and reading.”

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2. Visit a Music Venue

Another suggested, “A lovely jazz lounge or laid-back music venue can be great, too. For example, while in Spain, I found a venue for a month-long Flamenco festival (just music, not dancing). 

I was welcomed by locals when I was alone or with people I met on my travels. However, some places feel much safer, and Madrid is one of them. Nightlife doesn’t start until midnight, so public areas are usually well trafficked beyond when I like to be in bed.”

3. Take an Evening Organized Tour

One suggested, “For short-term vacation travel, you can always find some organized tours on Viator or Trip Advisor. Shows, evening food tours, and even pub crawls are usually available in bigger towns and cities. They are safe options and a great way to meet other travelers.”

“I did a ghost tour in Edinburgh once,” confessed another. “It was a lot of fun. There are underground passages below the city. Some college kids were hiding and jumping out to scare their friends. It made the tour even funnier.”

4. Netflix and Chill

“I don’t necessarily go home when the sun goes down,” one explained. “Sometimes, I will go for a later dinner. But I typically go back to the hotel, watch Netflix, answer some work emails, and go to bed early. Then, I’m ready to relax after walking around all day.”

A second added, “Same… after the sun sets, I head back to my hotel, too. It’s the only time I wish I had company so I could enjoy the place I’m visiting at night. But ultimately, I’m too exhausted from the day’s activities, so it’s alright. Netflix is my go-to evening activity.”

5. Local Cafe or Bar

One traveler noted, “I will usually find a cafe or bar close to the hotel to sit down and have a drink and enjoy the ambiance. Then head to bed early.

But it also heavily depends on where you are. In Tokyo, for example, you can wander around late at night, with thousands of people everywhere. Everything is open until midnight or later.”

Another added, “I can attest to this. I am currently a solo female traveler in Japan and could not feel any safer!” Finally, one shared, “Japan always feels safe as a solo female. I’ve spent many nights in Fukuoka alone and wandering around. It feels so serene when it’s warm and raining at night while walking through small side streets.”

6. Catch Up on Sleep

Several travelers admitted they like to catch up on sleep. One added, “I do as much as possible during the day and wear myself out. Then I head back up to my hotel and sleep in. I usually don’t get a chance to sleep in during the week because I get up at 5:00 am to go to the gym and head to work. So I usually use trips to give my body some additional time to rest.”

7. Journaling and Video Chats

One traveler confessed that they enjoy journaling the day’s events while fresh in their minds. They also write postcards and video chat with people at home. “I love getting up early and exploring a city early in the morning, and I’m worn out by dinner, so an early evening works for me.”

8. Late Dinners

Several solo travelers admitted that depending on where they are, they enjoy having later dinners before returning to their hotel accommodations. For example, someone explained, “I enjoyed Spain in particular because everyone eats dinner so late (10-11 pm is normal).

So that you can explore, drink, and eat any time before midnight and there are so many people around that I never felt unsafe (22f and solo). One time an older woman smacked a purse into a man who commented on my body.”

9. Try Airbnb Experiences

One female solo traveler shared, “Airbnb experiences have stuff you can do at night! For example, in Rio de Janeiro, I booked a bar crawl where our Brazilian host took us to various bars. I met many new people, both foreigners, and Brazilians, and I felt super safe. I highly recommend it!”

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10. Take Advantage of Hotel Amenities

Finally, many solo female travelers suggested that they take advantage of the amenities at the hotels they are staying at. For example, one noted they enjoy having later hours at the pool when kids are less likely to splash around. Others mentioned they felt safer visiting the bars in their hotels before making their way to their rooms, safe and sound.

We hope you enjoyed these Reddit tips for female solo travelers looking for things to do during the nighttime hours of travel. This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Savoteur.


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